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Following today’s Diary Sessions, the Housemates seem to agree that the men and women are playing very different games. Although maybe they’re all being played?

The major recurring theme during today’s Diary Sessions was the very different ways in which the men and women react with one another. Everyone – men and women – seem to be in general agreement that the men are to be getting along really well. Really, really well.

“The boys are really close,” said Thato. “They don’t need a pillow to allow each other to speak,” she continued, referring to the device some Housemates have started to pass around as an indicator of who has the floor. “They really get along. They’re family.”

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That sentiment was echoed by Zino. “I call them brothers, “ he said. “The guys are my brothers, literally,” he emphasized, displaying a clear adoration for the other fellas in the House, but perhaps s less-than-perfect understanding of the meaning of the word, “literally”. “I feel at home with the brothers. We talk about everything. That’s our dynamic as guys.”

Terry added that “the boys are moving as a unit. They have what we call ‘men’s conferences’. Whatever they’re discussing seems to be bringing them together.” Surprisingly though, these “men’s conferences” have the potential to be a bit of a sticking point in future. “I know they don’t know this,” revealed Themba, “but I’m the one who started it. The plan was to get the guys’ heads wrapped around the girls.”

When pressed as to why, he dished the dirt. “There’s a theory called the ‘eleventh man theory’ – where I’m the quiet guy, and I don’t say anything. Then I become the curiosity.” He continued, “so I can concentrate on the game, the girls concentrate on me, and the guys concentrate on the girls.”

One can argue as to the long-term merits of this strategy, but everyone agrees on one thing – the relationship amongst the women in the House is terrible. “There’s a lot of competition with the women, “opined Zino. “There’s fakeness; I knew personalities were gonna clash.”

One of the ladies – Venus – agreed. “The dynamic between the ladies is kinda odd. I wish it was like the guys. They’re able to just sit and talk.” “There is no ladies’ dynamic in the House,” worried Thato, “except maybe among Nale and Mpho – they are close. There’s an understanding.” Somewhat souring her contemplative mood however, was her subsequent admission that, on Monday, she nominated two women. Which kinda proves her point, really.

Of course, this difference in how the men and women behave within their own groups might go away on it’s own, but it might also become more pronounced. One thing’s for sure – if the guys start to distrust each other (which is likely, given the nature of the game), things could get ugly.

Big Brother Mzansi season 3 is broadcast live 24/7 on DStv Channel 198. There is a daily highlight show on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161), Tuesdays to Fridays starting 25 January 2022 at 22.30. Sunday Eviction Shows begin on 30 January at 18:00 and will be broadcast on Mzansi Magic.
This season will also see the return of fan favourite Shower Hour (22:00, Mondays to Thursdays on channel 161), Saturday Night Parties with Channel O and Friday night games.


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