Monday, April 22 2024
No one embodies the saying ‘strike whilst the iron is hot’ like Kay! While the other housemates tore up the dancefloor the exuberant Kay handled an important task first. With the others sufficiently distracted she went over to the Shap Shap fridge with a handbag in tow and proceeded to stock up on booze for consumption later

Once she’d felt she had packed away enough, she slipped away to the bedrooms and stored away her bounty. The move will certainly come in handy when the mid-week alcohol drought hits.

Kay wasn’t the only one to hide away some liquor for later though. Khali, Tiffini and Soxx also collected a little extra merchandise for themselves but with the way nothing is sacred in the house they may just find their stash raided if they let their guard down.
Fun times in Big Brother Mzansi house!

Can K2 seal Blue deal?


Saturday night party

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