Saturday, July 20 2024

With millions and millions behind ‘Ntombace’, ‘Mbalsea’ and ‘The Royals’ the jury was indeed out. Any one of these entertaining, hardworking and hard-playing pairs could very likely be laughing all the way to the bank. They had all played a spectacular game and stood a good chance.
Having risen from underdogs during the early days to quite the royal status K2 and Blue had proven, week after week, that they were a force to be reckoned with. They had risen through the ranks as a power couple. The Royals showed their love out on the Twitter streets, camped all over Facebook.
But it wasn’t everyone that fell under their spell as many wondered whether their love was true or whether Blue dummed herself down for the good of their image as The Royal couple.
Ntombi and Ace were the long term lovers that caught the heart of all. Their bubbliness was endearing. There was just something about this couple we could all relate to. But were they as innocent as they made out?
Mbali and Chelsea played a dignified, classy but tough game. They were everything about girl power that we love. Their fans grew in leaps and bounds with each week as the girls overcame hurdle after hurdle. There were, however, many contradictions within their partnership. Was Mblai too good a girl and Chelsea too spoilt? Would their friendship survive the house?
The couples didn’t float to the end that’s for sure.
The top six put their finest, sharpest and sexiest foot forward as they closed the chapter to what was an experience of a life time.
It was anyone’s game now. 


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Mbali and Chelsea get the boot

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