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Terry may reign supreme, but Biggie has a plot twist for her and the Deputy HoH Themba. Gear up it’s about to be a tension-filled week.

As we have come to know, Biggie’s Head of House Challenge is a game of luck and when it comes to being a little spicy, Biggie has his way of making sure these games are always fun and unpredictable.

In a keenly contested game of Beer Pong, Biggie made sure to bring the party to the Games Arena; of course, there was no beer in the six giant cups but that did not stop the BBMzansi Housemates from showing off their party skills in this popular party game.

Each Housemate was given at least one minute to bounce as many balls into the cups as they can. However, Themba set the bar a little high with four balls in his Giant Cups, but this didn’t stop Terry from scoring a whopping five balls, putting her in the lead. While no other Housemate managed to beat this score, we commend the zeal they had in attempting this fun game.

Congratulations to Terry for winning the Head of House; she takes over from Tulz and becomes the second Beke Le Beke Head of House. To help her run the #BBMzansi House is Themba who is now the new Deputy Head of House. We are excited for her to enjoy the perks of the HoH Bedroom and what better way to enjoy it than with her fave Sis Tamara as her guest. However, Biggie is as generous as he comes this season and extended Sis Tamara the opportunity to pick one Housemate they would like to invite to the HoH Bedroom and they have picked Zino.

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Terry has won immunity from Nominations and is safe from possible Eviction however, her leadership faces the challenge of running a tight ship after the Housemates epically failed to win their 100% Wager. We all know how basic food supply can lead to food woes in Biggie’s House.

Gear up there’s a plot twist…

Heavy is the head that wears a crown and Biggie is putting a plot twist to the Live show Nominations today. Unlike the usual Nominations routine, Biggie has decided that only the Head of House and Deputy Head of House are allowed to Nominate Housemates for possible Eviction. Although Terry and Themba were visibly uncomfortable with this plot twist, a tough decision had to be made and Big Brother made sure they Nominated five Housemates each. The common names that appeared on both their Nominations list are Dinkybliss, Gash1, Mphowabadimo and Mvelo. However, using her locked in decision with Biggie, Terry decided to stick to her guns and replace Acacia with Norman for possible Eviction


Day 8: The Housemates suit up for the Wager Task – BBMzansi


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