Tuesday, April 16 2024
Last night, while waiting for Biggie to ring the bell for school to be out, classmates turned a mischievous leaf. No surprises here. Their idle minds became the devils playground.
Sitting upstairs on their beds Matthias and Chelsea discovered a condom filled with water underneath Sibu’s linen. Someone must have left it there by mistake? The classmates thought not. Rather they were sure it was a prank.
Earlier on Matthias’s school bag went missing and he only realised it when Biggie summoned he and Sibu to the diary room. He cried “sabotage” and decided that someone was playing a dirty game.
Now this inflated condom was more of a sign of sabotage. He ran down to alert Sibu, who was busy walking the beat and carrying out his prefect duties like a soldier.
Meanwhile back at the ranch Chelsea was beside herself. She viewed this as the perfect prank and tried cajole a hesitant Tembi into her plan. The plan was to fill more balloons or condoms with water and hide them under everyone’s covers.
She even managed to swindle K2 into it by asking to organise some more condom. But the ever the voice of reason Mbali suggested she let it go. She eventually did, but only because she was too lazy to commit to and execute the prank.
Our question was who was the saboteur and what would he do next? 
SibuMatthiasBongi and Khali are up for eviction this week. Vote here to save your favourite housemate.

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