Saturday, April 20 2024

Full name: Ukho Samela aka Sis Tamara

Age: 25
Hometown: Johannesburg via Queenstown
Occupation: Film student

Sis Tamara big Brother Mzansi 2022
Housemate Sis Tamara big Brother Mzansi 2022

Multifaceted and with various interests, Ukho has studied psychology and is a final year film and television student. Going by the pronouns he / him / she / her / they / them, Ukho is known as Sis Tamara and describes themselves as “a gender non-conforming experience”. A bubbly person who gels easily with people, they are passionate about trans and queer representation.

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Ukho is passionate about representation, seeing their appearance on the show as an opportunity to elevate conversations and awareness of the richness of identity. They are an energetic overachiever who doesn’t have a strategy to win Big Brother Mzansi, except to know people might just love them.


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