Monday, April 22 2024

singIt’s never easy to cope when someone you are closest to has to leave you either for a short time or for good, thus after such scenarios the affected parties tend to do all they can just to forget about the good old days they had with their beloved.

Mandla seems to have found himself in a similar position after the eviction of his lady love Lexi last night. The poor man hardly slept as he spent a big part of the night chatting up a storm with his buddy MK, the two talked about a lot of things including the likes of Lolo‘s feisty nature and how he (Mandla) likes his nudity.

The chat went on for some good time until MK had had enough and dosed off, Mandla just picked a playlist and sang a number of love songs.

Lexi’s boot surely affected Mandla, we wonder how he’s going to get over it but one thing for sure, he has to get back on his feet since the audience is more interested in entertainment and not housemates who offer less.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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