Friday, July 19 2024

11:41  Sibu and Matthias check out the task description again and they say that they will decide if they want to share with the rest of the housemates. The fashion show theme means that Sibu is in his element

11:28  Ntombi jokingly asks Kay “Were you a hooker?” The housemates gather in the living room for HoH to read out the task. Ex stirs the pot a bit with yesterdays disagreements.
11:12  Soxx says that he didn’t eat. Tembi. Mbali and Ntombi discuss the subject of “Anatomy” in school.
10:45  Matthias asks the guys, “How does a pot with beef stew represent you?”
10:30  Chelsea doesn’t like food being wasted
10:00  Matthias thinks housemates should treat each other with respect
09:30  Tembi wished Tembi Seete a belated bday
09:15  Housemates discuss this Sundays eviction and Ace reassures them that he is not going anywhere and has his money on someone else going. Kay thinks that no-one is going home this Sunday
09:00 The housemates go through their morning training regime


Day 4: "People are changing their behaiour hour by Hour" Mathias narrates


Adams gets a punch from Chelsea

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