Sunday, April 21 2024
There are times in all relationships when things don’t run smoothly. With K2 andBlue, today things did not look good as Blue had contradictory expectations about the immunity prize they won and thought they could use it every time they were nominated.  She also had difficulty in expressing what was on her mind in a way that K2 could understand.

Because her partner did not understand her, she told K2 that he’s very impatient with her but wants her to be patient with him at all times.  K2 got agitated because he had to explain the terms and conditions of the immunity to his partner and what it meant to have that prize.  He told her that they could not use it more than once and by using it early in the game could ruin their chances of winning the game. 
K2 wanted to use the immunity later in the game because he thought it would be more effective.  The Goddess did not get a chance to explain her side as K2 did not want to hear anything coming from her mouth and she even followed him around the house, but he didn’t want to hear the end of it.  Blue thought K2 became stubborn in his determination to get his way and always tried to let her know how wrong she was.  When that did not work, he punished her by not talking to her.
He can’t his partner change the changes he makes could start the domino effect of change for their relationship.
Stay in the limelight with BBM house mates 24 hours as the house gets warmer.

Finally Blue declares a Strong romantic bond between her and K2, No more Hiding


Party time, Who are you excited to see?

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