Saturday, July 20 2024

Lights-Action and DJ will raise the volume as housemates got ready for the disco party tonight.  Will this be the night to be remembered for outgoing housemates?

It got steamy hot as the housemates got ready ahead of tonight’s disco themed party.  Who will be the showstoppers and dance their butts off.  Well, music and the mood can only declare it all.  We saw Khali and Bongi dressed to impress and took the disco life seriously with their excitement as they added some Mzansi flavour twists in their costumes.

All housemate’s costumes looked sizzling and dazzling and guys were more excited and put on American accents that went with their costumes.  Kayhad too much make up on and looked like an old American woman.  We not sure if that’s how she likes it or it was part of the costume.
When last did you go to the disco? Well tonight housemates will remind us what it was like in 70’s disco era.

Do you Know why K2 doesnt want talk to Blue of late?


End of road for Tiffin and Uncle Gino

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