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On the third Live show, Big Brother Mzansi season three housemates Rethabile Potsane, Dinkybliss and Mvelo Ntuli got evicted from the reality television show as they received the least number of votes from the public.

Dinkybliss’s eviction did not sit well with many viewers as they believe she was more entertaining than most housemates and created a lot of content. After being evicted and having hugged everyone, she twerked at the exit door before going to meet Lawrence Maleka, who is the host on stage.

Dinkybliss received 12.2% of the votes, while Mvelo had just 7.45%.

I expected it, based on the kind of experiences I had with my fellow housemates. You know, when you come with a strong personality and you’re bold, proud and loud about it, you don’t t take nonsense and tell it like it is. That rubs other people up the wrong way.

Dinkybliss said.

They misjudged and misread me, so, when I was nominated for eviction, I knew I was a strong contender. They wanted to get rid of me because there’s R2 million at stake. I gave them a run for their money. The fact that people were conspiring and talking about me meant that I had something [they didn’t like],she added.

The 29-year-old said she could not wait to log onto social media and see what people thought of her. She added that the time away from her cellphone had been a break she never knew she needed and had given her a chance to be truly present.

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Dinkybliss consoled herself by saying she had been granted a “visa” and that Big Brother was just a game.

She will now pursue her ancestral calling – something she had talked about a lot with the housemates.  

It was something I was supposed to do at the time the Big Brother opportunity arose. I had to choose one or the other and I would never have missed Big Brother. However, the ancestral calling will always be there and now that I’m out, I’ll be following that.

Besides pursuing her ancestral call, Dinky will continue with her boutique business and trying to find space in the entertainment industry as a radio/TV host.


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