Saturday, July 20 2024

 Lexi has gone on an $ss picture taking spree on her Instagram page as she put her haters in their place. Lexi, who seems to be angered by some of her “jealous” fans posted pictures of her bottom bragging about how she is beautiful as she is and doesn’t use filters. She says she has cellulite and stretch marks, which were confirmed by his boyfriend, Mandla.

Read her full message below..
For those that are confused by my ASStonishing pics. Here’s a few tips that might help you ASSpire to genuinely LIKE real women: ☆My pics aren’t photoshopped
☆It’s NOT taken by a professional photographer
☆It’s NOT posted straight from a glossy mag
☆I have cellulite, stretchmarks and have a jello ass (confirmed by my bf)
☆I rarely ‘filter’ my pics
☆I have NO butt implants
☆I’ve had no work done on any part(s) of my body
☆I am a woman. An African woman

So some of ya’ll that follow me are still kids. And you are infatuated by what you see on TV, mags, billboards, IG pics and everywhere else. Take some time out and focus on your little, undeveloped, pre-puberty body.
Also I get a lil bored by responding to annoying comments. But I do respond, because I’m not a celeb and I love interacting with my followers

Actually… It’s very sad when women take time out to criticise other women. Insecurity is poisonous. Jealousy is demonic and wanting to devalue others is toxic to your soul.
Lastly, No I’m not mad or even bothered by the fact that some of ya’ll aren’t blessed with booty. If you have a skinny ass, rock it, if you’re curvaceous embrace it, if you’re obese, stop eating, if you’re insecure, fuck off,if you can’t love yourself, seek help, if you don’t understand me, thank god, if you can’t stand my uploads, PLS Unfollow, if you’re an adult or try and play God, bless your heart….. Let me stop.
Where’s that bottle of vodka?


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