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After an argument about the direction of their Wager Task Presentation, the Housemates’ standing in the House might be at stake.

Viewers who were tuned in last night will have been witness to what might be a pivotal moment for the Housemates’ coming days. As almost everybody will be aware, since they entered the House, the Housemates have been working on their performance for their first Wager Task, which will all come to a head later today. They have wagered a full 100% on the outcome of this Task, so their ability to buy luxuries is at stake, and they’re all painfully aware of how failure could totally ruin next week’s vibes.

Last night, and against this backdrop, Yoli, Dinkybliss and a few other Housemates raised certain concerns about the direction their performance had taken. “I think we may have overthunk the Task,” was Yoli’s singular way of phrasing her concerns. “We think the tone needs to change. It’s too heavy. Maybe we can look at this on a more superficial… I mean lighter level.”

This led to some immediate protest. “You can’t add anything!” remarked Themba. “It’s going to $*&@ up the structure. Now? NOW?!” Terry was also not keen on making any changes. Referring to the emotional conversations the Housemates have shared, she wondered if it would all be for nothing. “If we go back to a lighter level, it goes back to very surface issues, like we haven’t all cried together!”

“The only frustration,” she continued, “is that we’re running out of time. Tulz said, ‘I’m giving you this break, because we need to ho hard on this Task.’ Now you come with this right as we try to get back [to rehearsing the Task].”

Wager Task BbMzansi 2022

Interruptions abound. Dinkybliss lost her temper with Gash1 for talking over her before she gave her reasoning for wanting to lighten the tone of their performance. “I don’t think Big Brother would give us a Task that would make us want to cry.”

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Gash1 apologised for his interruption. “I’m sorry about my approach. All I heard was, ‘we’re changing, we’re changing, we’re changing.’ We can’t change what we’ve already worked on.” Then he raised an interesting point: “What if Big Brother is looking at the process of the three days for the Wager, and now we change it at the last minute?!”

Wager Task BbMzansi 2022

This was met by a murmur of agreement from assorted Housemates, including some who had been advocating for a change in tone. “Let’s not backtrack what we’ve been doing,” he continued. “Let it be guidance for the next one.”

Then, in his role as Head of House, Tulz stepped in. “We need to be using this time mastering and polishing what we have, not arguing with each other. We’re wasting time.”

At that point, the issue was pretty much decided, but Gash1 added something that might have lifted the mood, a touch. “What we need to focus on is executing this thing. Because this is gold. We got this. Trust in yourselves.”

Once the issue was settled, the Housemates spent some time rehearsing their performances, in a much lighter mood.

The Wager Task goes down later today, and – based on how it is received by Biggie – there might be a lot of “I told you so” going around. Some are going to walk away with some cred, and others with their tail between their legs.

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Big Brother Mzansi season 3 is broadcast live 24/7 on DStv Channel 198. There is a daily highlight show on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161), Tuesdays to Fridays starting 25 January 2022 at 22.30. Sunday Eviction Shows begin on 30 January at 18:00 and will be broadcast on Mzansi Magic.
This season will also see the return of fan favourite Shower Hour (22:00, Mondays to Thursdays on channel 161), Saturday Night Parties with Channel O and Friday night games.


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