Monday, April 22 2024
The top six housemates, Mbali, Chelsea, Ntombi, Ace, K2 and Blue today had an interview at cliffcentral with Arye Kellman. K2 took the interviews first followed by Ntombi.
When asked what Each will do with the R 1 million, here is what each of them had to say:
Mbali“I want to push my career. I want to continue acting and would love to do radio presenting”.
Ace“The first thing I’d buy if I win the R1 Million is a home for my new up and coming family”.
BlueShe says her twin sister would be proud of her making it to the finale. “The fact that I bled, I cried would make her proud”.
Chelsea: tells Arye that she’s a big family person so she’d like to take her family on a nice vacation.

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