Tuesday, April 16 2024
While eating last night’s left overs, Lebo and Pumba had an intimate conversation about the stunt Ex pulled on Friday night’s game.  Pumba explained to Lebo that he never knew Ex would want to partner up with him and if he knew, he would have told her.
The ever so proud Ex, once told Lebo that they should swap partners and she should partner up with Kay so its same s3xes.  Lebo never liked the idea, and stated that Kay could barely speak English and it would have been difficult to communicate with her since she was not comfortable with the language.
During their exchange of words, she expressed to Pumba  that she did not understand why Ex would announce in front of everyone that he has two girlfriends Bexx and Tiffini because that was embarrassing to her and that he did not take her feelings into consideration. And we thought Bexx had something going on with Adams!
Lebo and Pumba had awkward silent moments and after their conversation, Pumba asked her to give him a hug and told her everything will be okay.
Poor girl was still waiting for an apology from Ex and felt that he never took time to know her and with Pumba taking personal interest in her and tried to know her, maybe a relationship might spark after all.

Saturday night party


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