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secretzWe are closing in towards the end of Big Brother Mzansi Secrets and what a game of Secrets it has been. Straight from the start, on the fist Live Show, Biggie gave each Housemate a Secret Task as they got into the House, Kat and Mzamo were the first to comply with his trickery and sorcery.

Not content with his work in the House, Biggie rolled up his sleeves and got really dirty from as he threw six unsuspecting contestants into the Chamber, no garden, no sunlight for two weeks; brutal. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he teased them with intermittent chats with their Main House counterparts. They had no idea when they would be released, how they would be released, if they would be released for the duration of the show. Boom! Secret number one. By the way, it was Kgosi that was the first Chambermate to make the Main House grade

During the Live Show when Kgosi got upgraded from a chambermate to a Housemat, Biggie revealed a Secret Parlour that the girls would enjoy for a week. The girls had to match Seven Secrets to the seven boys as they got to watch the boys voyeur style from the comfort of the Parlour.

Following the Parlour revelation, Biggie made sure that Valentines Day would be no Secret surprise exception as the boys in the Chamber and the Main House pulled out the stops and presented the ladies with a Valentines spread to remember, not that many of the girls received the romantic gesture graciously.

Iris was the next surprise in the Big Brother Mzansi game, and she’s still going strong.

Sol’s birthday brought with it a Secret celebrity, Biggie continued with his Secrets celebrity surprises throughout the game as he presented the Housemates with Dineo, Kuli Roberts and more.

Biggie then flipped the tables as he revealed Seven Secrets from the girls to the boys and they had to match the Secrets to the girls from their Man Cave.

Biggie revealed his softer Secret side with the Secret Paradise that Sol and Kgosi got to enjoy, complete with mermaids, booze and food, see, it wasn’t all bad!

On Day 40, Biggie went dark-side and freaked out the Housemates with a ‘take the money and run’ Friday Night Game which followed on from the previous Friday as Biggie revealed Housemates’ ‘Secret conversations’, our Biggie never shies away from stirring things up.

More recently, Biggie gave Kat her reward after she won Friday Night Games on Day 47; he revealed the luxurious Secret Suite 501 where she got to spy on her Housemates and plan her game a little more strategically.

And lest we not forget Biggie’s Secret surprise of Emmett, the Canadian Housemate who spent four days in the House romancing MK.

The best however has been saved for last with Kat, Mandla,MK, Loko, Sol, and Iris all up for Eviction and all going home, and they have absolutely no idea, zero idea, nada, zip. Sunday’s Live Show is going to be unmissable, it’s the big reveal, the final nail in Biggie’s Secrets coffin.

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