Monday, April 15 2024

With just few days left to the end of this season’s Premiere of Big Brother Mzansi 2015, the 3 groups are each having equal chances of grabbing and pocketing R 2million. Though, the finale hasnt aired out, fans and housemates themselves have reveeled the probable results already, The “Royals” believe that they have what it takes to become millionaires. They seem to look down on the “Low class” and “Mbalsea” thinking that they got the least chances.

If they fail to pocket the money, they will be fed with disappointment and anger because they will be spending 56 days in the house without anything, Even Mbalsea have R10,000 plus the R30,000  that they won on Friday night games.

May the best Team win.
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Ace, Blue, Chelsea, K2, Mbali and Ntombi are the Big Brother Double Trouble finalists. Vote here for your winner.


what every housemate plans for the R2million


Does K2 Mum's phone call have an Impact on the votes?

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