Tuesday, April 16 2024
Last week started with the ever-energetic Ex and Lebo leaving the house and taking away hundred thousand rand, with K2 and Blue immune from nominations and were crowned as Heads of House.  On Monday morning, first real nominations were intense and later that evening, SibuMatthiasTiffini and Ginobut luckily the HoH saved Tiffini and Gino and swapped them with Bongi andKhali who were shocked by the move made by the HoH.

As part of their reward, HoH received conspiracy privileges were they would conspire with their team for 5 minutes.  The unstoppable pair agreed not to stir things up if not necessary and shared a passionate kiss in the laundry room.
Housemates went back to good old days when they were school children and had to follow the rules or suffer through detention.  They were also required to wear school uniform at all times and wagered hundred percent which housemates won. 
Students had to eat their lunch meals in lunch boxes drink from squeezer bottles provided by Biggie.  Kay, Bongi, Sibu and Bexx were selected as prefects and did not follow the rules.  Booze and cigarettes were forbidden on school premises and we saw some of the students breaking the rules and never got caught.
Biggie also challenged schoolmates and played a game called “Legusha” and also “Mrabaraba” and liked the prospect of playing around with their school uniform.  Students also had a meeting to discuss the consumption of food and how they should manage wastage. 
Fights broke out and the first fight was between Bexx and Soxx when he felt that his sister was not on his side and embarrassed her in front of people.  Bexx thought their biggest weakness was lack of communication, which one would assume what the other person was thinking. 
Then we got to see Tiffini and Tembi at each other’s throats when Tiffini was not happy with doing Sarafina because she did not find it befitting for her and Tembi did not take kindly to her insinuations.  Chelsea also exchange words with Matthias and K2 were she told the guys that she could not stand the fact that K2 was not a proper leader and wanted to show them who the dog was in the house.
Tonight, 2 pairs are up for eviction and we wonder which couple is next to leave the Big Brother Mzansi house.



The time is now, nominated housemates have their bags ready

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