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Bkm-AS1IgAAIeiQWhere do we begin with this one? You throw 18 people into a House and there are going to be allegiances, dramas and enough electricity to light up Mzansi on the coldest winter day.

Let’s start with our alpha couple, Mandla andLexi, this one began the day they clapped eyes on each other in the House. After giving quite atwerking performance as she entered the House, so impressed was Mandla with Lexi’s dancing skills that he proposed to her the very next day! But this was no rose garden, this was a bumpy ride as Lexi blew hot and cold and cold and hot and very luke warm. From sidling up to him in the Jacuzzi to going nuclear on him for no apparent reason, but that’s our Lexi, yet when she posed the question “are you in love with me. Mandla?”,the man conceded that he was and boy did he show it one evening after Lexi had one too many Shap Shaps and hurled her guts out as he held her braids back. The pair spent the rest of the time getting closer in the House, how can you not when you are spending 24/7 together in a House you can’t leave. We watched the pair fall in love and then it all started getting very real when both Lexi and Mandla were up for Eviction and the odds were one of them was going to leave. The worst was confirmed as Lexi was Evicted a week before the finale and she left her beau standing in shock as she exited the House. We can’t wait to see what happens to these two as the days roll on and winter rolls in, let’s hope they’ll be snuggling up to each other as the seasons change.

Moving on to a blink and you’ll miss it love moment… Loko and Kgosi, do you even remember that? Not moments after he made the grade from Chambermate to Housemate, Kgosi got hisgame on and although the chemistry between these two was palpable, this liaison turned out to be nothing more than a damp squib.

Now you really had to be quick to catch this one, quicker than Loko and Kgosi, enter MK andLola, that awkward moment when they shared a bed and that awkward moment a few hours later when she wondered if anything happened at all. But that was not the end of MK’s luck, he was crowned House husband by his House wives Iris and and King T of the House, Thando.

Shortly after that, enter Kat and Jase, this one had been brewing for a while and things reallyheated up for the couple after a Saturday night party session and what a gorgeous pair we thought they made, while they lasted. There was a question mark hanging over these two from the beginning, was Kat cuddling up to Jase as party of her strategy or did her heart really skip a beat for the Durban boy? Then there was that Sol thing, that bizarre love triangle between her and Jase and Sol in the House that made everyone gawp. Unsuprisingly shortly after this, Kat’s relationship with Jase hit the rocks, his insecurities started to grate on her nerves. This didn’t stop her giving him a ‘lap dance’ when it came to a Saturday night party after the party. Things got even more confusing when shortly after this Kitty-Kat jumped into Sol’s bed for a cuddle and a nuzzle on the neck. Jase and Sol? Could two characters in the House come more differently packaged? Things cooled off between Kat and Sol after he as Head of House decided to choose Mandla over Kat in the Save and Replace. Whoopsy, Sol; that’s one way to ensure you won’t get any nookie. Nothing worse than a scorned Kat. And if you thought this was the end, it wasn’t, Sol and Kat shared yet another tender moment, clearly this was not the end.

Then there was the newest couple in the House, Poloko, the clandestine couple that is Loko andPoolie, the undercover couple. Lady Loko didn’t let a word drip from those pretty little lips of hers when Kat asked her straight out if she and Poolie had done the dirty deed. No sirree, this girl was going to let nothing slip. But it would appear that these two really have fallen in love. Loko and Poolie suffered the same fate as Lexi and Mandla as Poolie charged out the House in the penultimate Live Show, what will be written in the stars for these two? Only time will tell.

It’s been an emotional journey for us all as we watched the Housemates fall in love, fall out of love and fall back in love again.

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