Saturday, April 20 2024
We caught up with Big Brother Mzansi’s Pumlani Ndlovu, also known as Pumba.
Born in Kimberly, Pumba is a professional basketball player who explodes with passion when he talks about his love for radio. “I am slowly seeing the dream come true, and I am now part of Kellman on CliffCentral.”
When we asked him about life after Big Brother, he told us that people always think that things will fall into place once you’ve appeared on tv screens, but Pumba disagrees. “It’s not like that at all,” he says.
Pumlani has had to get back to reality soon after the show, pursuing his passions and looking for opportunities.
Currently, he and Thami Mngqolo (Senzo from Generations) are helping in driving tourism to his hometown, Kimberly. Ndlovu is also an avid giver, working with a few organisations to give back to the under-privileged.
He tells us that soon after his stay in the Big Brother house, the producers approached him to host a hip hop show, “I Am Hip Hop” on Show Max. Though the show has had a few snags, he happily tells us that there is great progress.
Where love is concerned, Pumba is a bachelor (hint hint ladies). “I am now single,” he adds. His relationship with Tiffini didn’t last long and she ended going back to Cape Town,
Three things you didn’t know about him:
  • He is addicted to TV, news precisely;
  • He neither drinks tea nor coffee;
  • and his favourite hip hop artist in SA is Kwesta and internationally he loves Eminem.
Pumba says that though he doesn’t brag much on social networks about his achievements, he assures his fans that he’s busy at work and results will validate his silence.
“To the people that support me, thanks a lot,” he concluded.
As he continues to move on in life and face new events, adventures and challenges, we wish him the best of luck.

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