Friday, July 19 2024

kat rewardIf there’s a housemate that Mzansi will not forget anytime soon then it’s most probably Kat, the former Suite 501 resident returned to the house yesterday shortly after the housemates had won their Wager and Emmett’s exit and just after settling in, she went for the Jacuzzi were she had a flirting session with MK, something that rubbed Iris up the wrong way.

Ever since Iris entered the house from the Chamber-house, she’s been close to Kat and they’ve had a very special bond over the past few weeks, Kat actually suggested to her that they should always look out fr each other while in the house because one can not trust anyone in there.

Well, back to yesterday’s events, while at the Jacuzzi with MK, Kat seemed to be pulled towards MK by a magnet and before we knew it, she was already at zero-distance with him but as the two went on with their time alone, there came Iris who was visibly surprised at the sight of MK in Kat’s embrace. Iris didn’t take it lightly but hey, what would the poor soul do?

A little tension seems to have arose between the two besties (that’s if they are still anyway) and we are wondering how they will manage to get along in these final days of the show.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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