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A few of the Housemates got to have a Diary Session with Biggie, tonight, and they shed a little bit of light as to what people might be feeling in the House. Obviously, a lot of the talk revolved around the spate of Nominations from Monday, but there seemed to be a common thread that was a little surprising.

As all of us know, only Terry and Themba (as Head of House and Deputy Head of House respectively) got to nominate their fellow Housemates – four each. It seems that at least some of the household didn’t get that memo: they think that Biggie nominated them, which is a fairly big misunderstanding. Obviously, they cannot fathom the possibility that only some Housemates would be allowed to nominate people for possible Eviction. They seem so willing to accept that the rules will just change on them. “I didn’t understand it, but I accept that the ball is in your court,” as BU said. Or take this nugget from Tulz: “It wasn’t us making the decisions. It was you, Big Brother.”

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This is something of a lucky break for Themba and Terry. If the other Housemates are going around thinking that it wasn’t the two of them who put them on the block, then they might just get away without any retaliation. As Themba said, he feels like he’s “got a target on [his] chest.” In fact, we wrote about how the Nomination results could make things very hard for them, indeed.

As far as who has been nominated, a lot of the Housemates agree with some of those on the list. Nale said, “it makes sense that she’s nominated,” about Dinkybliss. “The fact that she was there was a plus,” agreed Tulz. “She was definitely somebody I was thinking about nominating.” Zino also said that he wasn’t surprised when she was asked to stand up, “because she’s very explosive.”

Dinkybliss has developed a reputation for being moody among the other Housemates, and it seems that they’re all ready to take things into their own hands to try to calm things down a bit. Unfortunately for them, all they can do is name her during the Nomination. It’s up to the viewers whether she makes it through Eviction.

There was also some talk about Terry as the new Head of House, with much of it being about her aggressive approach to the role. “I love Terry,” said Nale, “but she makes it so hard for you to want to stand up for her and defend her, because some of what she says is very out of pocket.” “She gets irritated quickly,” said Venus. “She’ll start yelling, and she’s speaking to adults, and adults don’t want to be yelled at.” Neither do children, come to think of it.” “She does have an attitude which is very unsettling,” Acacia weighed in.

As to how this might work out for her, Nale said, “she’s invincible right now, but that’s only for this week.” Looking ahead to next week, she said, “the pendulum swings, and she needs to hope it doesn’t go into the hands of someone she’s upset.”

Speaking about the general mood, Sis Tamara is of the opinion that, “it’s been tense. I think people are starting to feel the pressure now. I think alliances have been formed.” Speaking of the new Housemates, Nale believes, “they’ve definitely changed the dynamic. It was just two people, and when they walked in, you immediately sensed the mood change.”

It’s only Day 10 in the House. Day 10 out of 70. These Housemates are going to have to have their wits about them.


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