Sunday, April 21 2024

BjfbvHZCIAAZGHPThey may have already exited Big Brother Mzansi house but trust Thando and Mzamo, the twosome are still the talk of town a week after their evictions. In as much as it’s always sad to see someone getting the boot, it’s just a game and one should always expect such events to unfold, this is probably where Iris (bestie with Thando) has found the strength to keep on fighting.

Well, back to Thando and Mzamo, the two had a stop at Mzansi Magic where they received celebrity treatment, caught up with fans, had interviews and signed autographs.

Just to catch up with what she’s been missing all the while she was in Biggie’s house, Thando got to some serious tweeting business just check out on how this whole Tweeting thing works.

Trying my hand @ this tweeting thing again even though I’m not sure how it really works times LOL!

Bjlo-0FIgAAqUSMThando even hooked up with Big Brother Amplified Finalist, Luclay.

We should say, it’s not a bad start for the pair, the sky is the limit, wish you all the best Mzamo and Thando!

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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