Saturday, July 20 2024

GermanCuisineIt’s Travel week and as part of moving from one country to another, housemates will also be tasting the various favourite cuisines from the specific destinations.

They’ll achieve this by getting into three teams of Chefs, with each team cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Housemates have to make sure that each meal is toothsome.

Some of the countries that housemates will get to prepare and taste their cuisines are Spain, Germany and Canada. Emmett should actually be on the look out as we shall anxiously be waiting for his contribution towards this interesting task.

We all know that food makes faces happy and housemates will have to use the availed ingredients to come up with the best tastes there’s and not disappoint on presentation night.

This should be a wake up call especially to the sleepy heads who have been wasting away most of the time during tasks in previous weeks. Who would want miss out on trying out different foods from across the globe? We are sure this particular task will attract all the housemates like a magnet.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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