Friday, July 19 2024

mk-finaleIt is the chance that any Big Brother Mzansi Housemate would kill for and Mk just got it served right to him this evening, that seeing himself cruize all the way to the Big Brother Mzansi Finale! This all came after Big Brother decided this week’s Head of House would not have to effect the all-important ‘Save and Replace’.

This evening, Big Brother wasted no time revealing those that got their necks the chopping block, for what is the final week of voting, before South Africa crowns their Big Brother champion.

On announcement, Poolie was the most shell-shocked out of the loton hearing his name being called out, the caramel cutie threw his hands in the air and looked to the heavens. If it wasn’t for Biggie’s decision, Head of House Loko was probably going to go into the Diary Room and Save Poolie from the Eviction gallows, because he is after all her man, but this is the Big Brother House, isn’t it? Could this be the end of the road for the suave gentleman?

Iris also made the Nominations list, but what is interesting about Iris is that we have come to know just how strong she is. Iris has survived possible Eviction twice before, with her latest walk on the plank being just last night. Will her luck change this Sunday? After having had to fight possible Eviction last week, lovebirds Mandla and Lexi find themselves in a precarious position this week. During voting last week, Lexi proved to be more popular than Mandla and led the pack with a 24 percent vote to her name. In second place was her man Mandla, with 21 percent of the entire vote to his name. Can the two survive Eviction this week, or will one of them be given the boot?

It might have been a sigh of relief came fast and furious for Head of House Loko, who had the burden of the ‘Save and Replace’ lifted off her shoulders. When Big Brother made the announcement that it would be unfair for MK to be put up, Loko seemed relieved.

Kat, who was watching all of this unfold from Suite 501, dissected this new curve ball, as Sol listened intently. “I understand where Loko’s coming from. She won’t have to feel guilty about picking her man over her friend or vice-versa. She won’t have to explain herself,” she mused.

Kat and Sol are both Immune from possible Eviction this week after both won the Friday Night Games and the Immunity Challenge, respectively. This means they join Head of House, Loko in the Finale, as well as MK. Mzansi, Four Housemates have made it to the all-important Finale. Is yours in?

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