Saturday, July 20 2024

It is the end for new lovers Bongi and Khali. The pair who were so calm earlier and told Biggie that they would not be okay with leaving but would eventually accept it.

Earlier they said, they never communicated enough about the game and only spoke about their personal relationship and might have jeopardised their game.
Bongi believed that they had seventy percent chance of surviving and their biggest threats were Chelsea and Mbali, guess their predictions did not come out right as they made their way back home.
They looked so comfused when Lungile announced that the’ve been evicted, Mpumi performed her well known single “Somandla” as they made their way to the stage.
They were the only couple who celebrated their birthdays in the house were the only genuine pair who showed housemates what love meant.
They were the house encyclopaedia and they shared so much information with housemates and never ran out of stories to tell.
Lungile teased housemates about Biggie keeping them on their feet day and night before evictions. Tension roamed around in the house as he asked all the nominated pairs to stand and it was between the Royals, Bongi and Khali, Chelsea and Mbali. Who will keep housemates entertained on their movie night as Khali was the best story teller?



How Mzansi Voted This Week

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