Saturday, July 20 2024
It can never all be a bed of roses in the Big Brother house. After having breakfast together and sharing photos of their families, the housemates once again had to venture into the Diary Room to give their couples nominations and potentially drive a knife or two into the backs of their new found friends.
With spirits still high amongst the housemates it proved rather difficult for them to nominate one and other however ultimately they did what had to be done. Most couples agreed on who they’d like to nominate although occasionally, like withBexx and Soxx, one housemate let their partner decide who to nominate.
There were a few shock nominations, especially when Adams nominated Tiffiniand Gino even though he seemed to be cosying up to Tiffini earlier on. Where’s the loyalty in the house?
Ultimately Bongi and Khali received the most nominations with four pairs placing them on the chopping block.
How far will the deception go?

Big Brother Mzansi season 2 HOH revealed


Wow! Adam and Bexx exchange lips

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