Friday, July 19 2024
The unpredictable Biggie spun yet another twist on the Housemates as we were still thinking of Mzamo and Thando catching everyone off guard.

Big Brother summoned all the Housemates to freeze as the ‘Statue’ Game was back on, as unsuspecting as ever. But this time around the distraction’s name was Emmett and was here to stay. Emmett was flown in from Canada. As a contender for the Big Brother prize money at home, the Canadian was to pretend to be a Housemate in the Big Brother Mzansi House.

While Emmett walked into the Big Brother Mzansi House, there was silence inside the House and little did he know that the Housemates were in the middle of their Statue Task and had to stop, drop whatever they were doing and freeze. The new Housemate seemed to guess that they were playing the Game as he sauntered in, hopped over some and side stepped around the others on his way to his new bungle.

Being that ever friendly HoH, Loko ran very qiuclky and welcomed Emmett to the Big Brother Mzansi House. Mean while he boys did throw off their shirts in a seeming ritual of initiating the new Housemate into the wheeling’s and dealings of the House.

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