Saturday, July 20 2024

emDuring her Dairy Session today afternoon, Loko the half of the Big Brother Mzansi couple, shared her version versus Emmett’s account on the status of ‘Poloko’.

It all started When Biggie asked Emmett about his previous night and he, Emmett began unraveling his Jedi mind tricks. Yesterday he pulled Loko aside and re-framed her relationship with Poolie for her, “What’s you strat, Loko? You’re a strong woman but chained to Poolie, you don’t look independent and you won’t get the votes. This is your one shot at Big Brother, relationships can wait until you are outside the House. Start making it work”.

Biggie was loving this and Emmett then flipped the conversation to Poolie, “I told him, wake up, man, this relationship doesn’t look good, people vote for independence. Think about the final night, what have you done for votes?”. And the result of this little ploy? A reformed Poolie told Emmett this morning that he and Loko had a chat and they’ve called it off (although they have both always denied it was ever ‘on’). This is just the beginning of Emmett’s party tricks, Mandlexi is next on his hit list. “Soon it will be separate beds for Loko and Poolie”; let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, Mr Canada.

As for Loko, she has fallen for Emmett’s game hook, line and sinker. After relaying her conversation with Emmett she’s come to a very important conclusion, it’s time to make moves on Emmett, it’s time to pull away from Poolie and get her finale game on.

Emmett has only begun with his sorcery as he has a date night with Loko, Iris and Lexi. So much easier to reek havoc one on one and behind closed doors…

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