Sunday, April 21 2024

dateeBig Brother Mzansi may be winding up but trust Biggie, he’s still bringing the game to us especially when we least expect it.

Well, the latest is that newbie Emmett had the pleasure to go out on a date with Kat. It all started when Biggie summoned Emmett to the Diary room and told him about a date he was going to have with Kat (now residing in Suite 501). Emmett clearly liked the idea and so was Kat who started readying herself for it the moment she was filled in about it.

One of the essences of this date was to keep it a Secret from all the housemates, no wonder Biggie instructed all of them to stay indoors until further notice just to help Emmett go to the date without anybody’s knowledge.

Well, when the two finally met, Emmett looked impressed with Kat and especially with the fact that she was actually still in the game and not out like he had earlier thought.

While on the date, the two talked a lot including Lexi, her game, behaviour and antics in the house, Emmett also filled her in on all the drama that has currently engulfed the house.

Generally, the two had a wonderful time and the way they bonded so quickly, one would think that it wasn’t the first time to meet.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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