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diaryMondays in the Big Brother Mzansi house have never been days for dairy sessions, however, Biggie just had to lend out a shoulder for seemingly hurt housemates to cry on.

With six housemates left in the house, Bigggie had quite a moment for each to reflect on the course of things. Suffering from a hard not self caused separation with their resident lovers, Mandla and Loko might have been a concern for him as they were the first to be called up.

Loko tried to hold composure but mostly struggled through her Diary Session with a lump in her throat.

The past week had really taken it out of her with Poolie’s departure leaving he drenched and alone in a puddle of her own tears. Having broken bread and shared wine with Lexi, she had struck an unlikely bond with the Evicted lass, much to the distaste of Iris. So she was touched to see her go.

Loko was also over the moon about her holiday win at the Friday Night Games and would win the gift with her parents were she to bag the million.

Mandla was up next and told Biggie a tale of his shock as he stood beside Lexi, when her Eviction was announced.

After surviving as many Evictions as he has, Mandla expressed sincere gratitude to the viewers for keeping him in the Game. Lexi urged him to play the Game as best as he can and her absence chipped away at him. The Show, alas, had to go on and Sol and MK made sure Mandla understood that.

Kat seemed to be making head way with Mandla as they were now roommates. Had Mandla suggested something about Kat trying to take Lexi’s place? With all her multiple talents we might have to expect a little more than flirting here. It was also part of Kat’s plan be MK’s second wife, just for laughs, but Iris wasn’t having any of it. The love between the besties still remains.

MK felt confident that he’d make for a couple more weeks in the House, but little did the Housemates know that this was indeed the Final hooray

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