Sunday, April 21 2024

The royal fans are still running various attempts to show their support to the former big brother mzansi season 2 housemates, K2 and Blue. They had initially collected some amount of money (not yet revealed) on a bank account that was created immediately the royals were declared number two. Currently they are launching a new project where they target a total amount of R 500k. In a post issued on their facebook fan page yesterday, they argued royal fans to make the contribution within a short period of time. “Thank my royals. Thank you to those that has shown some effort. Thank you for showing interest in this project. When our couple lost we were the ones who wanted to support them and we told the whole world. We promised , now it is important for all of us to leave by our promise. To the royal family can we all put effort select our groups and honor our pledges it’s important that we honor our promise before the whole world laugh at us. We lost plan A but plan B is up to us let’s take control. We can achieve this only if we can all put an effort. I have noticed in these radio interviews they asking about this account it’s really important that we finish what we have started.Can we please show some honesty and not drag this campaign for too long for something that we could have wrapped sooner”


"I love the fact that there's Diski Divas after Big Brother" says Blue


"I wish people would forget about Big brother and get to know me" Says Lexi

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