Monday, April 15 2024

lexiThe statement that kick-started today’s Diary sessions was all about the first thing Kat will do when she gets back to the main House, she will hug Lexi.

Kat expressed how she’d approach her game moving forward considering all the ammunition she had gathered off her sizzling date with Emmett.

Mean while Sol of the House said he would play his cards close to his chest. “I’m not worried about Kat and Emmett but he might just tell MK that we always watch them,” he said. “I will use my ammunition when the time is right.”

The over-sharing between Kat and Emmett was not by mistake. Kat insisted that it would have helped if she had shared Suite 501 with Emmett as opposed to Sol. “I wouldn’t have wanted to leave.”

when she was asked who she is closest to in the outside world, her mood quickly changed . Her best friend Musa would be the one. It would seem Biggie was locked on this question as it recurred throughout the Diary sessions.

Sol singled out his buddies and mentioned his gran, Loko had to relive the Statue session that saw her robbed of the opportunity to have a word with her best friend of 14 years, Kate. However, she also cited her elder sister as another one that she’s very close to.

For MK, it’s his sister Joy and his two best friends while Iris swore she can’t live without her best friend Nosipho. “I’ve been through a lot and she’s always there for me,” she confided. Even Lexi was touched by the topic of the day but revealed that she owes her happiness to quite a few people.

Her best friend Monique who always her back, her guardian whom she loves with all her heart and her flatmate Abede who has been with her through difficult times all made the cut.

For Mandla, it would be his friend Bafana whom he swears is more like a brother to him. Poolie on the other hand is a self-confessed ‘mama’s boy’.

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