Sunday, April 21 2024

katSince her stay in Suite 501, Kat wanted to get herself some Mandla and she will stop at nothing to get it.

To kick it all off, hen she moved into the bedroom that Mandla and Lexi had made their own but now that his lover has been evicted, she is definitely turning up the heat.

This morning, however, was a clear indication of that, after making him breakfast and then play fighting over a toy bunny on the bed, this flirting was real and open for everyone to see.

This afternoon, Kat even rotated back to her old self and began making lunch for everyone, including her potential boo, she has also spent a lot of time walking around semi topless , with nothing but a towel covering her lady bits.

This behavior is a game plan because on Saturday she could be seen grinding provocatively on top of MK in the Jacuzzi, and now has even convinced her buddy Iris to take a back seat and become the ‘second wife’, leaving Kitty-Kat in first place.

This girl got game, that’s for sure.

Even though she is a gorgeous girl, what Mandla feels for Lexi is very real, on the other hand he is a Man after all so will her feminine wiles have an effect on him?

She has made sure that they are sleeping in the same room and the flirting is not going to stop so only time will tell as to whether or not she is victorious in her quest to conquer Mandla.

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