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Big Brother Mzansi season three housemates Themba Mabaso and Michelle Mphowabadimo Mvundla (Winner) are rumoured to be dat!ng – much to the disappointment of his baby mama.

Nqobile Khuzwayo, who reportedly has a child with the 30-year-old tattoo artist, has taken swipes at Mpho on her Instagram, claiming she is “not scared” of her or anyone.

The ex BBMzansi contestants have been fuelling relationship rumours since the end of the season on 3 April.

Among some of the things that raised speculations was a video of the pair looking quite cosy. The video, which shows Themba and Mpho at a hotel, piqued the interest of their legions of fans – #GhostNation and #UndergroungGang, respectively – therefore going viral.

According to ZAlebs, there were widespread speculations that the two were dating even inside the Big Brother Mzansi house, but it later appeared that they were just crushing on each other.

During one of Themba’s Instagram Live videos, when asked if he was dating Mpho he replied, “No, but I wish.”


Although denying their “shipment,” one person who is not convinced is the mother of Themba’s child, Nqobile.

Taking to her Instagram on April 20, she wrote, “Ay guys, stop shipping me with @thembabroly he was happily in love with @mphowabadimo yesterday at the hotel and I am happy for them.”

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Commenting about the hotel room video between Mpho and her baby daddy, she admitted she is “shattered”.

I respect @thembabroly with my life. I just broke my heart that yena uselala ema hotel no @mpho_wa_badimo [he now sleeps in hotel rooms with Mphowabadimo] going live and it’s lovely even if we weren’t together I’m really shattered!!!!

Her rant received a lot of criticism and trolling from both the #GhostNation and #UndergroundGang, with many calling her a Mphowabadimo “hater”.

However, Nqobile moved swiftly to address the trolls on her IG Live. She went off at trolls accusing her of being a clout chaser and those who asked if it was necessary for her to tag Mpho during her rant.

Why can’t I tag Mpho? Is she God? I wanted to tag her because this is my Instagram, not yours,” she lashed out.

Others reminded her that she and Themba are no longer together, to which Nqobile agreed.

Responding to those who alluded to Mpho possibly bewitching her because she is a sangoma, she said she isn’t scared.

I pray. I kneel down and pray to God because I’m not scared of her or anyone. God will decide what happens at the end of the day.”


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