Wednesday, April 17 2024

shakeTime Check; 08:55: After an eventful Thursday; Task presentations, wager win, Emmett’s emotional exit and Kat-Sol’s return, today morning housemates woke up and took part in a belly shaking exercise session after which Mandla and Sol could seen doing some renditions in the kitchen while Poolie and Loko hug for a while as they whisper sweet nothings to each other.

Time Check; 09:35: Mandla, Sol and Kat spend much of the morning cleaning up and ironing.

Time Check; 10:00: Mandlexi take some time off in the garden under the beautiful sun.

Time Check; 10:25: Sol is at it again, trying to woo Kat, he surely never gives up that easily!

Time Check; 10:50: Lexi showcases some sexy dance moves while clad in only a yellow shirt and bikini bottoms.

Time Check; 11:02: MK and Iris are taking their naps in the bedroom while the res of the bunch shares light moments downstairs.

Time Check; 11:35: Lexi is a busy bee today as she cleans the house while her man Mandla does the dishes.

Time Check; 12:35: MK wakes up from his nap with beau Iris and heads downstairs.

Time Check; 13:14: Today MK is in a lonely world, he must be missing his buddy Emmett, no wonder he shed a tear when the latter was leaving last night. He’s spent much of the day sleeping, but now he’s awake and all alone on the hammock in the garden having breakfast.

Time Check; 13:30: MK and Poolie decide to have some physical exercises in the garden while the chat with Kat.

Time Check; 13:45: Kat takes a short at Iris’ man MK while the latter relaxes on the hammock outside.

Time Check; 14:00: Iris corners Kat and let’s her feelings known about her (Kat’s) latest behaviour in the house.

Time Check; 14:03: The talk continues and they talk in detail about her (iris’) fight with Loko.

Time Check; 14:06: Iris confesses to Kat that she felt lonely while she was away, stressing that Loko is so much of a socialite so her presence didn’t count.

Time Check; 13:45 Kat wastes no time, she is already trying to get her claws into Iris’s man MK looking mighty cozy in the hammock outside.

Time Check; 14:05 Iris tells Kat that she felt alone during her absence. She adds that Loko is too much of a socialite so her presence didn’t really count. “It was hectic! This was the worst for me,” Iris says.

Time Check; 14:50 Kat finally tells Iris that she was in Suite 501 all along. She swears Iris to secrecy as she is determined to go through with her plans.

Time Check; 16:09 The Diary sessions are in full swing, with Poolie in and out in a flash, Mandla takes a seat and tells Biggie that Lexi has two sides, a ‘gangsta’ side and a ‘softer’ side. The man is definitely in love. 

Time Check; 16:30 Loko talks to Biggie about how she found House Guest Emmett and that he reminded her that she needs to play the game and not get caught up in her relationship with Poolie.

Time Check; 16:50 “I’m here to coexist with them not to get along with them. The ones that I irritated the most are gone,” Sol says about his Housemates in his Diary session.

Time Check; 17:33 Iris tells Biggie in on the state of her  having missed Kat when she left for Suite 501 (or was that Canada?. Things between her and Loko are awkward since the altercation.

Time Check; 18:36 MK brushes up Sol’s infamous mo hawk for tonight’s Friday Night Games.

Time Check; 19:17 Kat and Loko are the only Housemates that have matched two tiles. The Games go on!

Time Check; 19:23 For Round 3: Mandla, Iris and Poolie matched a pair of tiles. Round 4: Kat, Sol and MK. Round 5: Poolie, Sol and Loko.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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