Tuesday, April 16 2024

fngAhead of tonight’s Friday Night Games, Housemates contest for the title of Head of House and a coverted R50 000 holiday for two.

Its just eight Housemates still in the game, Biggie announced that moving forward, all Housemates would be up for possible Eviction. The Head Of House would no longer be exercise the Save and Replace task however, the powers stripped, the bonus reward will definitely come in handy.

We, Mzansi, all know not the slightest idea of what is in stoke as we first approach the long awaited finale and the final week of the game. This certainly left many shaking also making the already tense Housemates even more worried.

With such a lucrative prize at stake, Biggie has emphasised that there will be only one winner. “Should the Housemate who wins tonight’s Friday Night Games be Evicted on Sunday, they forfeit the Head Of House title as well as the bonus prize,” Biggie said.

He added that the first runner up would then be awarded the HoH title by default. In the case of a tie between two or more Housemates, then Biggie will introduce a decider game to establish the ultimate winner.

Rules of tonight’s Game:

  • Tonight’s Friday Night Game will test the Housemates’ memory.
  •  In front of each Housemate is a rectangular block with 30 tiles.
  •  The Housemates’ Task is to turn over two tiles at a time whenever Big Brother instructs them to.
  •  After turning over the two tiles, they will notice that each tile has an image.
  •  If both tiles have matching images, Housemates are to leave both tiles facing up.
  •  If they do not match, they turn them face down.

The objective of the Game is to match two matching images at each attempt whenever Biggie instructs Housemates to flip their tiles.

The Housemate who matches all their tiles first will be next week’s HoH and the winner of the whooping R50 000 holiday.

The only Housemate that has won during the Friday Night Games is Kat. She won Immunity from this week’s Nominations, which saw her glide to the Finale and retreating in Suite 501. Meanwhile, on the HoH front; Mandla, Sol and Loko have bagged this one.

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