Friday, July 19 2024

loko-winsThe Friday Night Games came around again, and along with the Head of House position, this week a sweet R50,000 was up for grabs for one lucky Housemate and reigning Head of House and Friday Night Games Champion Loko with a heavy weight of note defended her status with a land slide win, knocking her bestie Kat off her winning streak.

After some grueling digging in the archives, 30 tiles had been flipped over with matching images as Loko came out the master mind and winner of get away and the Head of House

Tonight the Game was a test of their memory. The Housemates had to play this very game, only this time they were stationed in the Arena before a block of tiles with a variety of images underneath.

With each turn the Housemates had to flip over two tiles. If both tiles displayed matching images, then the tiles were to be left face up. This meant that a Housemate was on the right track. If tiles did not match, they were to be turned face down again. Under all that pressure would memory fail or assail the Housemates?

Colour coded blocks of tiles were spread through the Arena. After explaining this week catch Big Brother instructed the Housemates to choose a colour coded block where they were to stand on their marks.

After just one turn Kat, ever a leader in the Friday Night Games, was the first to turn her purple tiles with matching images. Loko followed suit in their next turn and could be seen leaping for joy. It seemed Lexi and Iris’ memories were failing them dismally as they cursed to the heavens. Iris’ however, joined Poolie and Mandla in the next turn as they matched her first pair of tiles.

Besties, Kat and Loko held a tight lead and could smell the sand dunes and Indian oceans of far-away holiday destinations, while Lexi and MK lagged behind, her memory alighting only in drips and drabs. Was that Lokiris sniggering at a poor stressed out Lexi?

In the end more than Lexi requesting a Game that was less mind boggling going forward, disappointment was written all over MK’s face.

Well done Loko! Now for the R50,000 question, will she or wont she take her on screen hubby Poolie along?

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