Sunday, July 21 2024
The lovebirds and Big brother mzansi double trouble winners have  been silent ever since they concluded their NTOMBACE show.  But today, we are glad to bring you an update of season 2 winners, Ace and Ntombi are doing well and proceeding with their love.

Many fans had raised concern about the million winners for failing to use the fame they picked from the Mzansi house to start u p a good initiative. But the truth is, votes were casted to enable the two win, they weren’t casted  to favour their success outside the house. May be there is need to give them time and  they plan for their life other than reminding them of fame and success outside the BBM house.
What’s you take regards this matter?

CONGRATURATIONS!!! :Big Brother mzansi 2 Kay has finally revealed her baby, its a son



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