Friday, July 19 2024
Few days ago, Ex and Pumba spoke about partnering up and how they would play the game but when the opportunity came, wheels turned and Ex was rejected by Pumba.  Ex always felt that his partner was not giving her all and she made things worse when she gave up on the swivel boxes game and felt he cannot remain being her partner.

Because he felt rejected, Ex packed his bags and left the house leaving housemates in awe.  Some thought he was bluffing and some wanted to throw a send-off party.  On the other side, Lebo was willing to fight for their partnership but felt that her partner embarrassed her in front of everyone and should have apologised for what he did. Housemates who were on her side, told her to be strong even though he had every right to do what he did.
Poor Kay, she thought Pumba would leave him for Ex and thought the HoH was a “paparazzi with no brain.” 
When he came back, he got tough love from other housemates telling him to speak to his partner and sort things out.  Has his stunt weakened his game?

Thembi and Sox too get a kiss and soft romance



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