Saturday, July 20 2024

K2 was sleeping in the couch when Blue joined him. They talk about their save and replace, Blue tells him she thinks they made a mistake by putting up Bongi and Khali because it is so obvious they are leaving. K2 begs to differ and tells her has a feeling Matt-Sibu is leaving. K2 continues to say that he thinks that they are not going to get nominated (could this be coz he’s played mind games with the girls?) Mmmnh. Blue replies, “I think we are playing our game, us and….(Admin didn’t hear who she stated but Blue feels that this competition is between them and the other pair).

*K2 looks at her in the eyes*
She asks “what Katlego? re sharp, we are cool”
Katlego asks who she taking to the dance, she says Adams. “He asked me”, K2 says “Ofcoz everyone wants you”. She adds ” Akere wena you are taking Tembi”. K2 says he hates all this, “we are not allowed to take their partners”

*Blue smells something*
“Did u fart?” She asks, he says no he would have told her if he did.
They continue to talk about their love story. K2 says “whenever I wanna kiss u I can’t kiss you but when u wanna kiss me I must kiss u. Blue says there’s never a right time. K2 asks “why the right time is your time? You always hug guys but I can’t do that with you. Is that fair?”

Producers of Big brother Mzansi react on the use of drugs inside the house


What a massive night yesterday was!!!

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