Sunday, April 21 2024

victoryLoko came out victor after tonight’s Friday Night Games and we all know a win for her is a win for her, Kat and Iris. That’s Lokiris to you and us. Never one to cheat a celebration, she enlisted her besties in an all-girl band of tweksters.

With Shap Shap in hand the three were like spring chicks as they shimmied and fritted about the garden in all sorts of dance moves and routines.

So it seemed perfectly clear to us that not only were the ladies out to entertain they wanted to impress Biggie and viewers as the first ever girl band to come out of the Big Brother Mzansi House. The trio were a modern day version of the Supremes with Loko bearing a striking resemblance to Diana Ross with that unbridled main of hair and wildly feminine looks.

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Loko Triumphs Again


Party with DJ Shimza


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