Wednesday, April 10 2024

With big brother mzansi season 2 running close to a week now,,, Housemates are acting crazier,,,kisses are almost every 3 hours.. This seasons seems to nearly equate to last season’s in terms of entertainment.

K2 and Blue are among this season’s housemates who are aspiring to become an item just like last year’s Mandla and lexi. K2 was heard pleading to get Blue’s lips but she insisted that it wouldnt be as soon as he liked. K2 tried to grab Blue’s neck to get lip bites but all in vail because Blue didnt agree to it and she pulled her neck back. The two seem to be a done deal only that Blue seems to be scared of the cameras. Do you think they nail soon?
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Lebo Faces the biggest embarrassment so far this season


Day 6: Kay good at stealing

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