Tuesday, April 16 2024
Does anyone know what the deal is between Chelsea and Matthias? If they weren’t groping each other and sharing a bed they were off on opposite sides either bad mouthing or provoking the other.
Some of us were under the impression that that fire had been extinguished with all their bickering but they say the best lovers never stop fighting. This must be the kind of allure that kept the feisty duo going.
We all know Matthias was a big old gossip and Chelsea was often the topic of his sneaky, uncouth chats with whomever was around to listen. He and Blue were spotted earlier on discussing just her with Matthias pointing out that he couldn’t stand her.
Not long after that he was upstairs on her bed with everyone else. Chelsea threw jibe after jibe at him but soon enough they were downstairs looking like the most smitten of lovers as he held her close.
They had already shared a kiss.

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