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5aae54868beade49c1a795093872ae76How well would you spend the ‘I ma’ if you won it? Well, it would be your money and so spending it would definitely depend on you. However, we’ve decided to ‘guess’ how our six finalists would spend the money in case they won it, take a look…

Iris; she would most probably get herself a ‘volume button’. She loves to speak loudly especially when she’s excited and we think at times, she goes over-board. Iris also likes the good life and would maybe take a vacation somewhere nice and chill.

Kat; she has confessed to missing ‘something’ real bad and we can’t blame her, she’s been confined in Biggie’s house for two months without anytime to herself. Kat would probably take a trip to Thailand or Holland for some wild time after all what happens in Holland stays in Holland.

Loko; she loves her drink and we think having all the liquor in all types at her disposal would make her day. She loves making merry and you and I can’t separate her from what she loves the most, go girl, it’s your life and money, as long as it’s enjoyed responsibly.

Sol of the house; the man loves his food. He would probably purchase a kitchen somewhere so that his food is always ready when he needs it. Also, since he’s a DJ, we think he would also purchase a few equipment to help him in his professional work.

Mandla; aww, we’ve seen a Mandla without any clothes on for the whole season (or are we so forgetful?) All he puts on are his pants but we’ve had to put up with his bare upper body all through. He would probably but some clothes for himself, especially shirts. Hey, no hard feelings, that’s just our humble opinion.

MK; this gentle soul loves to read something and seems to know it all, he would maybe buy a big dictionary to help him add to his vast knowledge about various things that he already know. Taking a trip to Canada to meet with his buddy Emmett wouldn’t be a bad idea either, would it?

Well, that’s what we think! Help the finalists spend their imaginary 1 million.

-By-Bigg Mzansi 

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