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5445039b5f3f19ae5ee1376ab3e31886As the Big Brother Mzansi grand Finale draws nearer, we take a closer look at our last 6 housemates standing and who we think stands a better chance to walk away with the whooping R1 Million come Sunday.

In order for your favourite housemate to win, they have to accumulate as many votes as possible so as to beat the others to the jackpot. Therefore, your votes are needed this week more than ever.

They say ‘ladies first’, so lets look at Iris first; this former Chamber-mate humbly started her Mzansi journey in the disbanded Chamber-house but later joined the main house, today, she’s the only ex-Chamber-mate still in the game. Though she’s not won any HoH tasks, she’s still managed to survive some evictions.

Kat; this very interesting lass has a had her fair share of the game but had to a big extent been associated to the men in the house, she’s had flings with the likes of Jase and Sol, the fans via social media have labelled her a ‘player’ due her antics in the house.

Loko; she has represented the Mzansi ladies quite well, having won two HoH tasks something that cemented her stay in the house, Loko seems to be on the right track. She’s been closest to Poolie who got the boot last Sunday, her other close ‘friend’ is the bottle and has had a few fights with Poolie due to drinking.

Now to the three lions in the house; Mandla, Sol and MK. While Mandla and Sol have won HoH tasks this season, the latter hasn’t been any lucky but has still managed to get this far in the game courtesy of his gentleness and the way he treats the rest of the housemates.

Mandla had formed a strong bond with Lexi until her boot last Sunday but the two have always emphasized that they are ‘just friends’.

Sol has for sometime now been after Kat but she seems to be on another floor and has never taken the poor lad’s feelings seriously. As for MK he’s the kind of laid back man who seems to be the ‘under-dog’. He’s respected in the outside circles thanks to the way he treats the ladies.

We think each of these 6 characters stands a good chance at the game thus we’ve decided to leave it open and get to find out about your views.

Over to you, who stands a better chance in the Sunday Finale?

-By-Bigg Mzansi 

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