Sunday, July 21 2024

With the arrival of the new housemates fresh off the press, there was more than enough reason to celebrate. And celebrate they all did.

The girls kicked off their heels and the boys let it all hang out as the Shap Shap flowed with abandon. With drink in hand housemates made their way into the party lounge and got right down to the business of getting to know one another.
TembiBexxKhali and Tiffini seemed the most thrilled with the new company as they flew to the nearest mirror to freshen up before they proceeded to the party room. Once there, there was no stopping them.
Matthias seemed keen to spread the love as he got to making new friends. He could be seen embracing the ladies, leaning closer to glamour-queen Blue as the two struck something of a new companionship.
Kay and Sibu blended right in with the crowd while the bubbly Mbali gained herself a couple of new fans inside the house.
Kay and Ntombi also found that they had a few things in common and were drawn to each other by a similar outlook on things. They later on struck a sisterhood as Kay confided in her about Lebo’s seemingly phony ways.
An outspoken Khali takes the lead in many interactions while her beau Bongilingers in her shadow.
As we break into the second day we wonder just how long the niceties will last until true colours leak out.
Let the games begin. 

Day 1: Nominations begin


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