Friday, July 19 2024

wetWith Biggie, you can expect anything from tasks, surprises and more, well, he just dished out yet another hilarious task to the finalists; they will have to ‘feel but not look’. If they decide to do other wise, then their 100% Wager would be in great danger.

Sheriff Loko read out the brief and the Finalists will have to put their hands through the 10 openings in the wall and feel the contents that will be in the available boxes. As soon as reading the brief was done, they started imagining all sorts of things that could contain in the boxes, from snakes, people and ‘funny things’.

“I’m scared,” Loko admitted. MK chipped in and assured her that there wasn’t any need to worry as Biggie would never do anything to hurt them.

Once Housemates have guessed, the next Housemate will take a turn at guessing. Housemates may not choose any opening previously attempted by any other Housemate.

Already, Housemates are roaring to go and they can’t wait to discover what Biggie is hiding. Could it be any of the evicted housemates? What do you think?

-By-Bigg Mzansi 

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Finalists, Spend your R1 Million


Worms, Snakes, Spiders evade the House!

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