Friday, July 19 2024

langageIt sure does feel good being a finalist, while Big Brother demands only excellence and discipline, he rewards the with gusto. Everyone knows that when Friday comes around it’s time to kick those heels off and loosen a button or two. After a grueling week Big Brother put the English away and out came a colourful array of South African languages to suit each of the Housemates.

Everyone’s mind was pondering with the question about the mega reward promised after last night’s Task Presentation. What did the word ‘mega’ entail? Would it match their expectations or namely MK’s lofty standards? The possibilities were endless and all of it was doing their heads in.

When asked about the reward and what they were anticipating for tonight’s Friday Night Games, the Housemates flung their fantasies right out for Biggie to see. While most raised their hopes high for a spectacular car or cash prize Sol, ironically enough, kept his feet on the ground and hoped only for the best that Biggie could do seen as he already felt quite spoilt from the Secret Island of Paradise and Suite 501.

As the end draws nigh and competition becomes rife. Uncle MK complained that Loko was much too competitive for her own good while Mandla came out at the top of his list. Kat felt that Iris and and Sol were the strongest because of their larger than life characters. She then gave Loko’s name as the weakest because, frankly, she felt that they were on the same level. Mandla confessed that being himself in a Game such as this is a safer bet because then ‘you are at peace with yourself’ he meditated.

Biggie then switched to each of the Housemates mother tongue as Friday treat. The Housemates were delighted to speak to Biggie in an African language. The glee flashed all over their faces! Big Brother understood that it is the small things that made a world of difference.

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