Tuesday, April 16 2024

medalTime check; 08:30: We just a day away from the grand finale, who’s your favourite to take home the R1 million?

Time check; 09:17: Sol of the house tries to woo the ladies; Kat and Loko, he surely got some guts, huh?

Time check; 09:42: Kat shares with Sol about a dream she had last night but she hardly remembers what happened.

Time check; 09:52: Loko is all moody this morning, she looks great today.

Time check; 10:05: Dinner in the skies, what a pleasant surprise that must have been for our finalists, read it all here.

Time check; 10:30: What did you make of the ‘Drinking Games‘ yesterday?  These Finalists really enjoyed themselves.

Time check; 10:50: Sol and Loko face-off after a game of cards turns sour, they both call each other losers.

Time check; 10:55: “Sol you have been a loser your whole life and you will continue being a loser,” Loko shouts.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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